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Stock Gift Packet with Twist PenStock Gift Packet with Rollerball


Dress up your promotions or gift programs with convenient stock gift packets. Like greeting cards, the covers are preprinted with different messages and artwork appropriate for a variety of occasions. Open the packet, and you’ll find a dark-grey, flocked foam panel in which your individual pen or combination set is inserted. You can leave the left panel blank for a handwritten message or talk to us about imprinting the inside of the packet with a custom message or logo.

All packets are inserted and shipped in a clear presentation sleeve which will get your gift packet noticed. The custom designed box has a tuck-in tab closure that will securely deliver your selected writing instruments and/or accessories. It also allows business cards or inserts to be safely included inside your packet. Our clear case offers optimum presentation value as well as protection during shipping for your Garland products.

Gift packets add exceptional value and will enhance any program or promotion. Stock gift packets can be used for many occasions, including employee awards and recognition, gifts for associations’ new members, special packaging for direct marketing premiums, fundraising, holiday gifts or simply to say “thank you” to your customers and clients. Tie a ribbon around the packet, or add a bow, for a truly distinctive and personalized presentation.


A Gift For You Packet

A Gift For You

Congratulations Gift Packet


In Appreciation Gift Packet

In Appreciation


Thank You Multilingual Gift Packet

Thank You/Multilingual

Safety Gift Packet

 Season's Greetings Gift Packet

Season's Greetings/Holly

Merry Christmas/Hearth Gift Packet
Merry Christmas/Hearth


Flowers Gift Packet


Handshake Gift Packet

Happy Holidays /Horn

 To Thank You Gift Packet

Season's Greetings/Barn

 Plain White Gift Packet

Happy Holidays/Reindeer


Eagle/Flag Gift Packet


Handshake Gift Packet


 To Thank You Gift Packet

To Thank You

 Plain White Gift Packet

Plain White




Stock Gift Packet Selections


Garland’s stock gift packets are designed to hold your choice of an individual pen or a combination set of two writing instruments. All pens, pencils, and rollerballs from our Photo Logo Collections can be combined in our gift packets. Standard cutouts are available for:


  • Single pen
  • Rollerball & pen set


A quick suggestion: the front cover of a plain white gift packet provides a great platform for attaching decals, patches, or other items that can be held in place with a permanent sticky backing or repositionable glue. Attach membership cards or badges to the front. Add bright colored stickers or ribbons for 1ST Place, 2ND Place, etc. Placing a decal with your group or organization’s logo on the front of the packet is an economical way to customize your presentation, especially when only small quantities are needed. Be creative with your next gift or award! When you purchase plain white packets you can dress them up individually, or in small groups, quickly and inexpensively.


Combination Gift Packets: Combination gift packets are also available for packaging a writing instrument with selected items from the Garland Gift Gallery. The Satin Nickel Pull-Apart Key Tag, Satin Nickel Square Key Tag, Polished Chrome Teardrop Key Tag, Stainless Steel Key Chain/Tool, and Lapel Pins can all be inserted in our gift packets next to your writing instrument.

Please add $.10 (x) per piece for die cutting to add the additional item to the stock gift packet cuts.


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Unleashing the Power of Promotional Products

While other advertising methods have become cluttered to the point of ineffectiveness, gift giving or promotional products has remained one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach current or future customers. Here are a few fun facts to consider before you spend another advertising dollar.

    •   71% of gift recipients feel happiness toward the gift-giving company
    •   62% reported doing business with presenter after receiving the gift
    •   79% of recipients said they looked up a brand after receiving a gift
    •   83% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with a company after
        receiving a gift compared to 6% online, 12% print, and 17% of broadcast
        and mobile
    •   90% of recipients recall the company’s branding compared to 30% of broadcast
        and 20% of print, mobile and online

Contact your Promotional Products specialist to find out more. If you don't have a specialist, we are happy to recommend one in your area.