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We have changed our rollerball refills to be able to offer both fine black and fine blue. As part of this changeover, we have modified the nib/point part of our rollerballs to ensure a better fit for the new cartridges. Without the new parts, the tip of the rollerball refill does not extend quite as far as it should and also might pull out when you remove one of the new cartridges from the point—potentially a messy problem.


If you are purchasing replacement refills for rollerballs shipped prior to April 1, 2008, we ask that you return your rollerballs to our service department and we will update your rollerball to take the new nib/point assembly.


Not sure how old your rollerballs are? Check the refill cartridge. If it is silver, it is the old style. If the tube of the cartridge is black, it is the new style.


We would prefer to make these exchanges for you by having you return your rollerball to the factory. That will ensure that the new nib/point assembly fits perfectly. If that is not possible, we can send you the nib/point assembly with an instruction card for $0.35 each, and you should be able to make the modification with little difficulty.





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