Our Guarantee


All Garland USA-made writing instruments are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure forever, when returned to the factory. Our Heirloom Guarantee ensures a product that can be handed down, and will be serviced, from generation to generation.


Refills, lead and erasers depleted during normal course of use are excluded from this guarantee.

Any alterations or misuse of our product negates this warranty and any responsibilities by Garland. Should we be unable to repair your warranteed writing instrument, we will substitute a writing instrument from our current product collections.


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Garland Writing Instruments now part of Pen Company of America, LLC


     Garland Writing Instruments has been acquired by Pen Company of America, LLC (www.pencoamerica.com).  Pen Company of America will continue to supply Garland’s USA-made writing instruments going forward out of our Garwood, NJ facility.  Garland writing instruments are easily recognized by the flared top design, the carefully-weighted balance, and the styling. All writing instruments in the Colour, Revere, Monogram, Signature and Founder's Collections continue to be custom designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. The flared top design is a registered trademark of Garland Writing Instruments and remains a subtle, yet distinctive way to identify a Garland writing instrument in today's promotional product marketplace.