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By Bob Salvas   This is one of 3 articles on some underlying reasons why promotional products work. There are more than three reasons,but these are some of the main drivers of success for businesses who utilize promotional products. The three reasons areREPETITION, TACTILE and WORD OF MOUTH.   Reason number three is WORD OF … Continue reading “Promotional Products- Underlying Reason 3”

By Bob Salvas   The word ‘smart’ seems to be everywhere these days. We all own ‘smart’ phones and many of us are now buying ‘smart’ televisions and ‘smart’ watches and a variety of other technology-enhanced devices. And we never get tired of hearing the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, though many of us can’t … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- SMART is the new BLACK”

By Bob Salvas   A lot of marketing people over the years have talked about the marketing success that is Santa Claus. I suppose it is because it can be a fun way to remind us to practice good marketing principles. With that in mind, here are five lessons from the man in the red … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- The Marketing Secrets of S. Claus”

By Bob Salvas   While gestures of good will for Christmas and the new year goes back centuries, the commercial sending of Christmas cards did not occur until 1843 when Sir Henry Cole with the help of his artist friend John Callcott Horsley, printed and sold 2,050 cards in London. This type of greeting card … Continue reading “Offline Marketing – Sending Holiday Cards”

By Bob Salvas   Several years ago, I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled Why a Loyal Customer Isn’t Always a Profitable One. The main point of the article was that while a business owner might define a customer as ‘loyal’, that same customer might not actually be profitable for the … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- Loyalty and Profitability”