The importance of differentiation

Running a small business is a risky business. The probability of a small business lasting for more than five years is about 15% according to Doug Hall, author of “Jump Start Your Business Brain”. But, there are tactics and strategies that, when diligently implemented, will substantially increase your odds of success. Perhaps the best way to … Continue reading “De-risking Risk”

Bass Pro Shops Mega Shopping Experience Bass Pro Shops has opened a new store in Memphis, Tennessee unlike anything else in existence. The store contains 105 rustic rooms and suites fully immersed in the Bass Pro Shops outdoor lifestyle. The facility also includes a Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, an interactive wetlands education museum that … Continue reading “Bass Pro Shops”

The probability of successfully starting a new business venture is less than fifteen percent…but you can dramatically increase your odds of success by first understand the problems facing new ventures and by secondly taking the steps outlined below to put the odds in you favor. Why are there staggering odds against these entrepreneurs? The simple … Continue reading “Increase your probability for success!”