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Pen Company of America acquires Garland Writing Instrument (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)



Pen Company of America (PCA) 

Jun 30, 2021, 06:00 ET

GARWOOD, N.J.June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Garwood, NJ  based Pen Company of America (PCA) acquired Garland Writing Instruments and Ben-Art Manufacturing in two separate business transactions on June 28, 2021. All three companies share common ties to Made in the USA ballpoint pens.


PCA , formerly Rotary Pen, is the largest manufacturer of USA made plastic ballpoint pens, manufacturing over 40 million pens, pencils and markers annually. Established in 1928, PCA is run by a fourth generation who continue to injection mold, assemble, imprint and package writing instruments in their Garwood, NJ factory.


Garland Writing Instruments, based in Coventry, RI, has been a leading manufacturer of USA made metal writing instruments since 1927. Ben-Art Manufacturing has been manufacturing metal accent pieces, such as clip, tips and bands, for ballpoint pens in Prospect, CT since 1954. PCA will be relocating both companies to its New Jersey manufacturing facility.

"The three companies' history, in terms of dedication to USA manufacturing, product lines and customer base, is very similar," notes Colleen Shea, great-granddaughter of PCA's original founder and current Vice President of Sales. "The ability to bring all three together in one location, and under one umbrella, will give customers a single source for USA made writing instruments from economical plastic pens to high end metal pens."

As the leading manufacturer of USA plastic writing instruments, PCA products are currently sold into the promotional product industry, retail – both in stores and online, the US government and the healthcare industry.  With the acquisitions of Garland and Ben-Art, PCA is excited to expand its product line in these industries as well as develop new avenues, while remaining dedicated to manufacturing high-quality USA made products.

About PCA and RevMark®
Pen Company of America (PCA), a family owned and operated business, has been manufacturing writing instruments in the United States since 1928. Its current brands include RevMark® Industrial writing instruments, the Pencil Heroesâ„¢ and Tub o' Pensâ„¢

SOURCE Pen Company of America (PCA)



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