Marketing Tips

By Bob Salvas   I often give live business seminars and when I do, I try to go around the room and give the attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves. As a presenter, it is always good to know who is in the room to make a session more relevant. But it is also important … Continue reading “Networking – Beyond the Typical Networking Event”

By Bob Salvas   Imagine the excitement that was generated in the 1830’s with the invention of the telegraph and later that century, the telephone? In more recent years, the fax, email, cell phones and text messaging have taken the front seat in the drive to be the hot new communications medium. New technology is … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- What’s Old is New Again”

By Bob Salvas   “The best way to increase the number of possible connections in your network is to develop a diverse network – not a homogeneous one.” -Dr. Ivan Misner       Once you develop the skills necessary to network and you network consistently over time, you will likely have some success. The basics of … Continue reading “Networking- Diversity”

By Bob Salvas   “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” -Norman Vincent Peale       Many people would agree with this statement in general. But when it comes to networking specifically, confidence escalates to an absolute requirement. Think … Continue reading “Networking- Confidence”

           “Beef up your marketing with promotional products.”   If your clients wanted to have a healthier body with more muscle mass, they’d hire a personal trainer. If they wanted a healthier business with more muscle in their marketing, they’d hire you…a promotional consultant. has recently posted twenty-five facts about promotional products. I’ve … Continue reading “Beef Up Your Marketing”