Marketing Tips

“Networking – Differentiation.”by Bob Salvas   In the old west, if you rode your horse for 20 miles to get to the next town only to discover that the local saloon did not carry your favorite brand of whisky, what would you do? Chances are you would have been grateful that they had ANY whisky … Continue reading “Networking- Differentiation”

  “Media advertising is in trouble. And it’s not going to get well. Ever.”   I’m perplexed. For over two decades, marketers have been describing the death of mass marketing. In 2005, Joseph Jaffe wrote a book detailing the end of mass media. The book, titled “Life After the 30-Second Spot” attributed the death of … Continue reading “Mass Media Is In Trouble”

“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.”   Patricia Fripp   According to author Doug Hall, you can grow your business 2.8 times faster by increasing the number of new customers rather than increase sales volume to existing customers.   And, I’m writing to suggest one of … Continue reading “Open A Relationship”

By Bob Salvas   In his book The Referral of a Lifetime, author Tim Templeton talks about the three levels of communication. As a networker, you need to understand when each level is appropriate and why the third level is the place to be if you want to get the most of out of your … Continue reading “Networking-Communication 123”

Networking- Beyond the Typical Business Card by Bob Salvas   What should you hand out when networking?   You may have seen that there can be two extremes.  The first is to hand out something substantial that will makeyou stand out from the crowd.  The problem with that is that networking is a ‘moving around’ … Continue reading “Beyond the Typical Business Card”