Marketing Tips

The Facts about Specialty Advertising Effectiveness In today’s clutter marketplace, consumers are being bombarded with over 4,000 marketing messages every day. Business owners are struggling trying to figure out how to get their message into the minds of consumers when these consumers have put up barriers to keep this clutter out. Wouldn’t it be helpful … Continue reading “Facts about advertising specialties”

Many years ago, nurture marketing guru Jim Cecil told a story that metaphorically stressed the importance of building memorable and caring long-term relationships with customers and prospects. Over the course of my career, I’ve come to greatly appreciate the value of the lesson contained within Jim’s story. I hope you enjoy the story and benefit … Continue reading “The Story of the Black Bamboo”

Costly mass media advertising rates are determined by the number of viewers, listeners, or subscribers that could potentially see or hear the advertisement. In the case of billboard advertising, the rate is determined by the traffic count on the highway on which the billboard is located.  In specialty advertising, pricing is not determined by the number of … Continue reading “Discover the most effective form of advertising”

by Bob Salvas We know that listening to others is a critical skill to learn in business and in networking (and in life, for that matter). As such, we must give the person who is talking the feedback that indicates we are listening. Nodding, smiling, acknowledging verbally are all parts of the process. But one … Continue reading “Networking – listening and non-verbal communication”

Shifting from Information to Imagination to Transform Your Business Entrepreneurs and organizations with ample money to spend on marketing communications are quickly moving away from standard, boring mass media marketing tactics. Instead, these marketing moguls are spending their creative energies and marketing dollars on programs that are designed to capture attention and create buzz. Let … Continue reading “Storytelling”