Marketing Tips

By Bob Salvas   While gestures of good will for Christmas and the new year goes back centuries, the commercial sending of Christmas cards did not occur until 1843 when Sir Henry Cole with the help of his artist friend John Callcott Horsley, printed and sold 2,050 cards in London. This type of greeting card … Continue reading “Offline Marketing – Sending Holiday Cards”

By Bob Salvas   Several years ago, I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled Why a Loyal Customer Isn’t Always a Profitable One. The main point of the article was that while a business owner might define a customer as ‘loyal’, that same customer might not actually be profitable for the … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- Loyalty and Profitability”

By Bob Salvas   Like most marketing expenses, exhibiting at a trade show or expo can either be a terrific investment or a complete waste of money. The advantages of having a booth at a show include the opportunity to display visual imagery (signs, etc.), the ability to show actual product or samples (if you … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- Trade Shows and Expos”

By Bob Salvas   The reciprocity principle is one of the basic laws of social psychology: It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others.   When it comes to marketing, utilizing the reciprocity principle is one of the most effective practices a business can engage in. As consumers, … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- The Reciprocity Principle”

By Bob Salvas   The chorus of the song by Led Zeppelin goes: “Communication breakdown. It’s always the same. I’m having a nervous breakdown. Drives me insane.” While the rock band may have had a different meaning for the words when they wrote them in 1968, that refrain rings true today. There is simply TOO … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- Communication Breakdown”