Marketing Tips

By Bob Salvas   The reciprocity principle is one of the basic laws of social psychology: It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others.   When it comes to marketing, utilizing the reciprocity principle is one of the most effective practices a business can engage in. As consumers, … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- The Reciprocity Principle”

By Bob Salvas   The chorus of the song by Led Zeppelin goes: “Communication breakdown. It’s always the same. I’m having a nervous breakdown. Drives me insane.” While the rock band may have had a different meaning for the words when they wrote them in 1968, that refrain rings true today. There is simply TOO … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- Communication Breakdown”

By Bob Salvas   I often give live business seminars and when I do, I try to go around the room and give the attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves. As a presenter, it is always good to know who is in the room to make a session more relevant. But it is also important … Continue reading “Networking – Beyond the Typical Networking Event”

By Bob Salvas   Imagine the excitement that was generated in the 1830’s with the invention of the telegraph and later that century, the telephone? In more recent years, the fax, email, cell phones and text messaging have taken the front seat in the drive to be the hot new communications medium. New technology is … Continue reading “Offline Marketing- What’s Old is New Again”

By Bob Salvas   “The best way to increase the number of possible connections in your network is to develop a diverse network – not a homogeneous one.” -Dr. Ivan Misner       Once you develop the skills necessary to network and you network consistently over time, you will likely have some success. The basics of … Continue reading “Networking- Diversity”