“Beef up your marketing with promotional products.”


If your clients wanted to have a healthier body with more muscle mass, they’d hire a personal
trainer. If they wanted a healthier business with more muscle in their marketing, they’d hire
you…a promotional consultant.

Sageworld.com has recently posted twenty-five facts about promotional products. I’ve selected
three that, when used creatively, will add muscle to your clients’ marketing.

Promotional products draw as many as “500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an
appeal letter alone.” What isn’t discussed in this SAGA article is if the promotional product was
include with the appeal letter or if an item was sent as a “thank you” after the referral was
received. In any case, for those clients attempting to build a referral-based business, this is a
powerful idea that puts plenty of muscle in their marketing.

Idea number two says, “adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the
effectiveness of the other media by 44%.” Despite the declining effectiveness of mass media
advertising, it is still essential to certain types of businesses. The SAGE tip says if they promise a
gift to consumers who respond to their advertisements, this incentive could increase the ad’s
effectiveness by 44%.

The third idea that certainly adds muscle to your client’s marketing is “62% of promotional
product recipients do business with the advertiser after receiving the gift.” If you have clients
who are meeting one-on-one with prospects, but not closing the sale; make sure your client
gives the prospect a gift at the end of the meeting. Sixty-two percent will return after shopping
around or simply giving further thought to your client’s proposal.

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