“I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my
father. He said he wanted more proof.”
Rodney Dangerfield

In a recent article written in Counselor Magazine, distributor Larry Cohen, President of Axis
Promotions was quoted as saying to suppliers, “Tell me what you’re best at…and, then prove it.”

I love Larry’s comment and, his comment is supported by author and noted marketer, Doug Hall.
Hall, author of “Jump Start Your Business Brain” says all marketing messages must contain
a “dramatic difference”, “overt benefit”, and “real-reason-to-believe”.

A dramatic-difference addresses the question, “What do you do that no one else does?”
The overt-benefit clearly states, “Here’s how you benefit from what we do.” And, the real-reason-
to-believe offers proof that you can and will deliver on your benefit promise. These are valid
questions that Garland Writing Instruments has addressed over the last seventy years.

What’s our dramatic difference? We provide the promotional products industry with
affordable writing instruments that have the lowest cost per impression in the industry because
they are guaranteed to last for generations and, continue to promote for generations.

How do your clients benefit from buying Garland writing instruments? Our American made
pens are a perfect gift when clients want to express a sincere and thoughtful “thank you”,
“welcome”, or “congratulations” while being assured that the high-quality of the pen will
positively reflect on the quality of your clients’ brand.

What’s our real-reason-to-believe? Or, in Larry Cohen words, “What’s the proof?”. We provide
a no-questions-asked, generational “Heirloom Guarantee” on all products. We’ve been in the
promotional products manufacturing business in the United States for 89 years. And, we have a
5-Star rating from ASI and an A+ rating from SAGE.

Note to Larry Cohen: Thanks for bringing to our attention the two most important issues of
running a successful business today.