Wanted: Success stories…measurable case studies.

It’s undeniable…indisputable…irrefutable.

Promotional products outperform all other forms of advertising including broadcast, print,
online, and mobile. The research data clearly found that 71% of promotional product recipients
feel happiness toward the advertiser; 83% of promo recipients are more likely to do business
with a company after receiving a gift; 90% of recipients recall the company’s branding; 70%
recall the company’s call to action; and, 80% revealed their impression of a brand positively changed.

The data is powerful; but there’s still one thing missing…measurable case studies.

We’re looking to collect and share an assortment of case studies that will provide advertisers
with convincing, real world examples of promotional product advertising. Once assembled,
these case studies will be forwarded to you so that you can share them with advertisers in your
community. But, first we need your help.

Because we deal directly and exclusively through distributors, we do not communicate with
advertisers and cannot request their promotional product success stories. But, if you know of a
successful Garland pen campaign or if you can contact clients who have purchased Garland
writing instruments and ask for their stories; we will reward the best five case studies with a
one-hundred dollar thank you. Judging will be conducted by our local Chamber of Commerce members.

We will take your client’s success stories and combine them with the extensive research
available from PPAI, ASI and others to create a convincing and persuasive message that will be
distributed across the country. This publicity will garner national exposure for you and your client.

If you have questions, please call 401-821-1450. Thank you in advance for your help.