In a previous blog posting, I expressed concern over a few quotations that are inaccurate and harmful to the business community. “Absence make the heart grow fonder.” is not true in today’s marketplace. In fact, absence makes your customers go wander would be a more accurate statement. A second quote, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” is equally misleading. Again, in today’s marketplace familiarity breeds trust and relationship.

At the end of that previous posting, I promised to provide you with beneficial quotations that could help you build a successful business. Listed below are those sayings/quotations with an explanation as to their value.

Saying: “You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle.” Source unknown
Translation: Customers’ perception of your business is their reality. Decisions should be made from the customers’ point of view…from the outside of the bottle.

Saying: “If what is keeping your clients awake at night isn’t keeping you awake all night, you’re focusing on the wrong stuff.” Tom Peters
Translation: Whatever your business; you’re in the business of fulfilling your customers’ hopes, dreams and desires…and solving their problems. To truly succeed, you must think like your customer.

Saying: “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.” Source unknown
Translation: Do one thing and do it great. “Joe’s Bar and Grill and Vinyl Siding Company” is destined to fail.

Saying: “The nurtured seed produces an abundant harvest.” Jim Cecil
Translation: Nurturing your customer relationships will produce the greatest results…for you and for your customers.

Saying: “Caring, in a business world that has grown numb, is almost an unfair advantage.”Source unknown
Translation: In a dog-eat-dog world, being a go-giver will produce far better results than being a go-getter.

Saying: “Relationships should be marinated not microwaved.” Source unknown
Translation: Building solid customer relationships takes time. Be patient and respectful.

Saying: “Outta sight is outta mind. And outta mind is outta money, honey.” Mae West
Translation: Ignore your customer and your customer will ignore you. You must stay in touch consistently and persistently.

Saying: “A risky business may fail; a boring business will surely fail.” Marty Neumeier
Translation: In a cluttered marketplace there is no room for another look-alike product or me-too service. Differentiate or die.