Bass Pro Shops Mega Shopping Experience

Bass Pro Shops has opened a new store in Memphis, Tennessee unlike anything else in existence. The store contains 105 rustic rooms and suites fully immersed in the Bass Pro Shops outdoor lifestyle. The facility also includes a Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, an interactive wetlands education museum that offers visitors the chance to observe natural beauty, the world’s tallest (25 stories) freestanding elevator, a restaurant overlooking the spectacular 360 degree view of Memphis, a cypress waterfowl habitat, and, a shooting range for live pistols and archery.

The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid is an adventure, a destination for serious outdoor enthusiasts, and simply a fun place for the entire family. It’s more than a store, it’s an experience. And, it’s estimated to bring in more than $100 million a year in revenue.

Creating customer experiences is quickly becoming the prominent marketing tool for the future. Author Bernd Schmitt says, “In a recent study, customer experience was identified as the single most important differentiator between the best and worst in an industry.”

If your goal is to be among the best in the industry, you must start by finding the answers to two powerful questions. “What can we do that no one else does? And, what’s the WOW that people will be willing to pay more for?”

Why are these questions so important? Because, there are outside forces that are commoditizing your business. These forces include the Internet, where consumers are doing instant price comparisons, globalization, where national boundaries are no longer providing protection from foreign competition, and, where savvy consumers want the lowest price possible.

When companies like Disney, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, FedEx, Harley Davidson, Apple, Southwest Airlines and others differentiate by providing unique customer experiences they move from commoditized pricing to premium pricing; from undifferentiated products and services to differentiated products and services.

The customer experience movement is not limited to these industry giants. Mom and pop businesses across the country are successful providing unique customer experiences in coffee shops, construction businesses, retail boutiques, and local service providers. Any business can be differentiated when you provide customers with an exceptional and unexpected experience.